Old Town Surgery

Online access

Patients can apply for an online account which will enable them to do the following:

Book Appointments

Order Repeat Prescriptions

View Summary Care Record

View Childhood Vaccinations

View Test Results

View their medical history (Detailed Coded Access Only)

Patients cannot register electronically for an Online Account because their identity must be checked and verified.  Patients will need to submit an application form.  Patients aged 11 years and above who wish to allow another individual access to their detailed coded record will need to complete a “Proxy” application form (link).   Please read the Patient leaflet for more information (link) on detailed coded access.

Patients who already have an Online account and who wish to have detailed coded access to their medical record will still have to complete the application form.

Patients should present themselves at Reception with a completed application form and identification for Reception staff to confirm identify.   It takes around 10 working days to set up an online account because of the requirement to check patient records before approving the detailed coded access element of the application.   On approval patients will be issued with a user name and password.

To access the online system once you have received your user name and password follow this link


Date published: 1st October, 2019
Date last updated: 1st October, 2019